Languages Spoken: English, German
For emergency medical service: Phone 116117
With the unified telephone number 116117, it should now be easier for patients to get general medical assistance outside opening hours. You do need not look up the phone number of the local emergency service. This toll free number is valid nationwide. Wherever you are in Germany, you can find out from this number where to reach the nearest emergency medical service. In the future, this number will be valid all over Europe.

The caller is usually automatically assigned to the appropriate district through his area code. As this is not possible with mobile phones, the caller is asked to enter his zip code. If that also fails, the caller is automatically connected to a service center.
The medical emergency service in Bad Godesberg does not change by the introduction of the new number. In Bonn – Bad Godesberg, the Waldkrankenhaus is responsible for emergencies.

Medical specialists like pediatricians or dentists are accessible via the existing emergency service number.
Should you have a real emergency, please call 112. The control center will ask the usual w-questions (who, where, when, what) and in case of need, sends an ambulance to you as quickly as possible.

In less urgent cases or if initially only a telephone consultation is required, you are welcome to try to reach me on my mobile phone. This is usually given to you by the answering machine at the practice. If you cannot reach me immediately, please leave your name, your reason for calling and your phone number on the answering machine of my mobile phone. I'll call back as soon as possible.

Information for wheelchair users:
The practice is located a bit a few steps up from ground level. There are 6 steps in front of the entrance area, and we can assist you in case of need. Within the practice, there are no further steps, and the doors are wide enough for wheelchairs. Since treatment is carried out only by appointment, we can also reserve a particularly wide parking space, which facilitates getting in and out of your vehicle.

There are three on-site parking places available in front of the practice. Across the street, there is more free parking, and along the road are still more parking spaces which are subject to charges.

Public transportation:
The practice is well-connected to the public transport service. Tram lines 16 and 63 and a bus stop with lines 610, 611, 615, 637, 638, 852, 855, 856 and 857 are about 3 minutes walk from the practice. The stop is Bad Godesberg Station / Rheinallee.
The Bad Godesberg station of the Deutsche Bahn Railways is about 5 minutes walk from the practice.

Holiday periods and Representation Information: You can get information about our vacation time through this website, as well as through my practice letter and through a notice in the practice rooms. The name of a representative is given to you via the practice answering machine.

Other Information:
The doctor's office is the area of responsibility of the Medical Association of North Rhine. The granted license to practice entitles me to practice medicine. The job title "Doctor" was issued in Nordrhein-Westfalen Kammerbereich Nordrhein. The title “Specialist in Occupational Medicine” was issued by the Medical Association of North Rhine. The title “Specialist in General Medicine” as well as the title “Naturopath” was granted by the Medical Association of Westfalen-Lippe.
Medical travel health advice is curricular training recognized by the Medical Association of North Rhine.

Professional Code of North Rhine Medical Association:
The Professional Code of the Medical Association of North Rhine can be reached via the following link: Berufsordnung der Ärztekammer Nordrhein
Medical Profession Act of the Ärztekammer Nordrhein