Very few people know that natural medicinal water is a remedy and therefore subject to strict approval according to the provisions of the German Medicines Act.
The main ingredients of medicinal waters are:
Magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), fluoride, sulfate and bicarbonate.

Magnesium is important in chronic urinary tract infections, circulatory disorders, hypertension, weak heart and convulsions. If you want to use a medicinal water for these diseases, you should observe a minimum content of 100 mg / l magnesium.
Calcium is used for treating urinary tract infections, osteoporosis (brittle bones) and allergic diseases. In these cases, the content should be more than 250 mg / l.

Fluoride is a valuable protection against caries and is good for bone formation. A content of 1 mg / l or more is desirable.
Sulphate from healing waters can have an excellent effect on constipation. The content should at least be 1.2 mg / l.

Bicarbonate has a neutralizing effect. It helps with elevated gastric acid production, dyspepsia, gastritis, diabetes, chronic urinary tract infections, circulatory disorders, and in the context of competitive sports prevents acidification of the muscles (together with magnesium). The content in the medicinal water should be higher than 1.3 mg / l.

An example: If you suffer from constipation, as well as from an acidic stomach, healing waters with high sulphate and hydrogen carbonate would be useful. Based on these rough guidelines for content and applications, you can pick an ideal healing water for your needs. The list of potential applications is of course not complete and is meant as a rough guideline only. Should you have any questions on this topic, I'll be happy to advise you. A list of medicinal waters and their ingredients is also available.