Even Goethe said that unprepared and rushed traveling leads to unhappy return. Each year, approximately 30,000 people who travel in tropical countries get sick.
Medicinical advice is part of professional and optimal travel preparation. Not only each traveler, but also each trip must be considered individually. Information about travel time, duration and travel destination are not sufficient for optimal advice.

An example:
On a trip to Tanzania, some tourists climb Kilimanjaro, move through several vegetation and climate zones within a short time. Other tourists may want to see the fauna and flora on a guided safari, while others make a business trip to the capital. A sports and hiking holiday has to be assessed differently than a cultural journey. Very few beginners know, for example, that on a diving holiday most accidents occur outside the water. So each trip and its many aspects have to be considered individually.

What is medical advice for travel about?

  1. travel destination, duration, time of travel
  2. type of trip (adventure travel, business, safari etc.)
  3. review of immunization and vaccination advice (please remember the earlier child vaccination card)
  4. create a travel medicine pharmacy
  5. advice on malaria prophylaxis
  6. advice on risks of accidents
  7. advice on country-specific risks and country-specific features
  8. advice on individual health-related risks (own diseases)
  9. advice on travel-specific risks
  10. advice on sports medicine (diving fitness, diving test)
  11. mountain medicine (altitude sickness)
  12. advice on climatic and hygienic particularities
  13. age-specific advice (traveling with babies, small children, etc.)
  14. protection against infectious diseases
  15. particularities with longer stays (psychological burden on public holidays, language barrier, traveling with spouse, etc.)
  16. Is there a private travel insurance for sickness and/or accident insurance, including return insurance?
  17. In case of emergency, is there medical care possible on site?
  18. required certificates and entry regulations

For optimal medical travel advice, it would be useful to send us all the relevant data before your first appointment.

Please remember also to you come to us in good time before the planned trip. Certain vaccinations should be done several times in a specified time interval before a sufficient immunization occurs. Certain vaccinations cannot be combined and must be administered separately.